Fashion Brands Embrace “Silent Logos” in New Branding Strategy

Fashion brands are now using “silent logos” as part of their latest branding strategy. This approach involves using specific colors that evoke emotions and tell a story without the need for overt branding. Colors have a powerful impact on people, and high-end fashion houses leverage this to create a unique identity.

Colors can evoke strong feelings. For example, red often signifies passion, pink can remind people of childhood memories, and yellow induces a playful mood. Leatrice Eiseman from the Pantone Color Institute explains that yellow colours make people happy, which is why smiley faces are yellow.

For the spring/summer 2024 season, Burberry introduced ‘knight’ blue, a shade created by Daniel Lee, who was previously known for the viral ‘parakeet’ green at Bottega Veneta. During London Fashion Week in September 2023, Burberry even painted a Bond Street tube station in this new blue shade and called it ‘Burberry Street.’

Gucci, under Sabato De Sarno, introduced Rosso Ancora, a deep maroon inspired by the lining of the brand’s first Jackie bag and the color of the elevator at the Savoy hotel where Gucci’s founder worked.

Valentino previously used Pink PP, a hot-pink shade that became very popular, especially with the release of the Barbie movie. This campaign significantly boosted searches for pink fashion items and generated millions in media impact value.

In India, colors play an essential role in fashion. Designer Sabyasachi often uses vermillion in his bridal wear and campaigns. This color is significant in Bengali culture, symbolizing the holy sindoor worn by goddess Durga.

Jayanti Reddy from Hyderabad favors royal purple, a color historically associated with royalty because of its expensive production process. She even used this color for her wedding lehenga and celebrated her brand’s anniversary with an art installation featuring this signature shade.

Tarun Tahiliani prefers earthy tones, inspired by the “Indian mitti” or soil. These shades reflect aging and evolution, symbolizing being grounded and rooted.

Beyond boosting sales, choosing specific colors can have therapeutic effects. Ancient Egyptians believed in the healing power of colors, and today, art therapy often uses colors to help people express and release emotions. For instance, turquoise can calm anxious thoughts, yellow brings joy, and green promotes inner well-being.

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