Factors Affecting the Value of a Truck Accident Claim in Colorado

Commercial truck accidents in Colorado may result in serious injuries that require expensive rehabilitation and medical services. The value of a personal injury lawsuit following a Colorado truck accident depends on the compensation types entitled to the plaintiff under Colorado law and the severity of the injuries. Below is a list of factors that affect the value of your truck accident claim in Colorado.


Driver fatigue is the primary cause of truck accidents in Colorado. However, other factors may cause the accident, including mechanical failure, weather conditions, substance abuse, and overloaded cargo. The state of Colorado requires the at-fault party to compensate the victim for the injuries sustained. Contact a truck accident attorney from ColoradoInjuryLaw.com to help you gather the necessary evidence proving the other driver’s negligence.


The value of your claim gets affected when there are disputes about the fault. Evidence supporting your claim comes in numerous forms, including auto mechanic reports, medical records, accident scene photographs, eyewitness accounts, or wage records. You can assist your attorney by keeping detailed documentation and records, refraining from discussing your case across social media platforms, following your doctor’s medical instructions, and communicating with your lawyer before contacting your insurance company.

Loss of Future or Current Income

A successful claim enables you to recover the wages you may have lost following the accident due to missed work. The compensation also considers other benefits, such as paid time off, that victims accrue during their recovery period. Accident victims with severe injuries may experience difficulties that prevent them from returning to work. If that’s the case, your attorney will estimate the worth of future wages using information such as job training and education to ensure you’re fully compensated.

Degree and Type of Injury

Generally speaking, victims who sustain severe injuries receive a significant claim. Designating a dollar amount for your personal injury can be unsettling, especially for victims who pursue the claim without the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Considerations such as prescription medications, medical bills, recovery time, need for surgery, and physical limitations due to the physical damage support a prudent decision on the value of your claim.

Permanent Disability

Some truck accidents are severe and may lead to permanent disability for the victims involved. Victims who incur a permanent disability that affects their capacity to perform daily tasks or work can secure a higher compensation amount to cater for the cost of ongoing expenses and the pain and suffering caused. The compensation amount also takes into consideration adaptive equipment, including bath chairs and structural modifications to your vehicle or home to accommodate a disability, such as lifts or wheelchair ramps.

Medical Expenses

Victims will seek immediate medical care if they sustain injuries from a truck accident. Medical bills originate primarily and directly from prescription medicine and hospital visits. These expenses may also extend to things such as wheelchairs, ambulance fees, crutches, and related costs to healthcare facilities. Other expenses include personal assistance, in-home care, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and out-of-town medical treatment.

Property Damage

Most commercial truck accidents cause significant property damage to your vehicle. The overall repair cost and the value of your totaled car are taken into account. Other properties that were destroyed or damaged in the crash are additionally noted. This may include your computer, cell phone, GPS, work equipment, and any other personal property you were carrying at the time of the occurrence of the accident.

Victims who sustain injuries following a truck accident in Colorado shouldn’t take financial responsibility if the accident wasn’t their fault. A knowledgeable and experienced truck accident attorney helps victims easily navigate the legal process. They take time to comprehensively investigate victims’ claims to ensure they receive fair compensation.

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