Emily Ratajkowski’s Brand Faces Criticism Over Black Friday Sale Delays

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski’s fashion brand, Inamorata, is facing severe backlash from customers who claim they still haven’t received their purchases from the Black Friday sale nearly four months ago. Inamorata, known for its trendy swimwear and beachwear collections, was established in 2017 by Ratajkowski and her childhood best friend. While Ratajkowski has been a stellar ambassador for the brand, promoting its products on her Instagram, the recent Black Friday sale debacle has frustrated many customers.

Complaints have flooded Inamorata’s Instagram page, with customers expressing disappointment over undelivered orders. Despite assurances from the brand and promises of multiple new delivery deadlines, customers still need to be more complete. One customer wrote, “Ordered a bikini in NOVEMBER that still has not arrived. So upsetting,” while another vented, “Just give me my money back at this point.”

The dissatisfaction has not been limited to social media. Reddit users have also shared similar experiences, with shipping delays causing frustration among buyers. In response to the mounting criticism, Inamorata has attempted damage control, offering full refunds to dissatisfied customers and acknowledging the delay in fulfilling orders due to the overwhelming volume of Black Friday sales.

However, conflicting reports have emerged regarding the extent of the delay. While Inamorata claims that most Black Friday orders have been fulfilled within the expected delivery window of January or February, customers insist they are still awaiting their purchases after four months. Some allege they were informed of shipping delays via email, with promised delivery dates repeatedly missed.

Despite the controversy, Inamorata maintains its commitment to customer satisfaction and has apologized for any inconvenience caused. Nevertheless, the incident highlights the challenges fashion brands face in managing high-demand sales events and meeting customer expectations for timely delivery.

For Ratajkowski, whose brand has seen rapid growth since its inception, the Black Friday debacle reminds of the importance of efficient logistics and transparent communication with customers. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, brands must adapt to meet the demands of an increasingly discerning consumer base while upholding their reputation for quality and reliability.

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