Dynamic Meditation – Lucio Carlos Gil on the Relatable Voice Podcast

Lucio Carlos Gil talks about dynamic meditation with Lucia Matuonto

1.  What is exactly dynamic meditation?

Different from the Transcendental Meditation, the Dynamic Meditation enables you to conduct your energy, during the meditation process, to work a specific feeling and/or achieve a specific goal, whatever would that be: a material goal (for example, you wanna buy a new house or you want a new job) or a spiritual goal (such as “what type of life you would like to have? How would you like to interact with people? How would you like people to see you? How to expand love and forgiveness?). So I would say that the Transcendental Meditation is a path to clean and pacify our mind from the turbulence of our daily routine, as well as to improve our connection with the spirituality and work our vibration. On the other hand, the Dynamic Meditation takes us a step forward, once we use a marvelous tool called mind and we start to learn how to deal with it and use it in our favor. There is no computer in the world that can get even close to our mind. We need to learn how to use it.
2. How has the Dynamic Meditation changed your life?
Well, the DM arrived in a very delicate moment of my life. It was a time when all segments of my life were in perfect disorder. I was unemployed, no money at all, I had just broken a relationship with someone I believed would be the person of my life and you can imagine how my vibration was on that period. Despite of health, thank God I always had it, I was missing all the rest: no money, no love, no job, you name it. So, a friend of mine invited me to know a place in Rio de Janeiro, called Shamballa, and introduced me to my beloved guru Ma Gyan Laila, who is a disciple of Master Osho from India. Laila gave me all the tools I needed to provide a full transmutation of my vibration. I was thinking wrong, I was feeling wrong, my self-steam was down and I was putting myself on the place of a victim of all these incidents instead of getting the control of it. I started to practice all the knowledge I gathered, several mental exercises, and I could see with my eyes the entire world around me changing. I was able to identify the difference between the three areas of consciousness – the conscious, the sub-conscious, and the super-conscious areas – and how to deal with and benefit from each of them. Remember: You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself and the world around you will change accordingly. As magic, the doors begun to open in front of me and to make short a long story, I was offered different jobs and I could then choose the job I wanted. That’s the place we all should be. The place where someone can choose whatever desired, and not someone who is a victim of life.
3. Wow, and this was all before I met you, right? So you’re telling me that we are responsible for anything that happens to our lives?
In a hundred percent. Why? Due to synchrony. As simple as that. Our energy works like a radio. You must synchronize your vibration in a positive tune. This is the law of attraction. I started working with this in 1993. At that time no one was yet talking about the Law of Attraction. Now, everyone has at least heard about it. The movie “The Secret” came to notify the world about this knowledge that some people prefer to call the Quantum Science. What we offer to the Universe is what the Universe returns to us.  Remember what Einsten said about that? He said “life is like throwing a ball on the wall. If we throw a green ball, we will receive a green ball back. If we throw a blue ball, a blue ball will return to us. If we throw it strongly, it will return strongly, and if we throw it slowly, the same will happen on the return of the ball”. Based on that, we start to realize that we have a role in our destiny.
4. It’s funny because I think I’ve been doing this for years without even realizing it. I used to just think of it as being lucky, but it’s not just luck, it’s also how I would visualize my end goal and work hard which would lead me to success. So I’ve heard about the subconscious and the conscious, but could you talk a little bit more about the super-conscious area? I’ve never heard of it.
Sure. So these are the three areas of consciousness: the conscious area is the area we are now, during this interview. Is our daily routine, the way we see the world and all the information we gather from what we see or listen to. The conscious area permits us to see good things and bad things. We see beautiful scenes like a sunrise or the smile of a kid, but we also see sad images like a war, a fatal disease or any other image that makes us feel bad. All these experiences lived in the conscious area is recorded in the sub-conscious area. That’s why the DM is so important to our lives, because it enables you to access the sub-conscious area and kind of clean those bad images that you bring with you, sometimes from other lives. And why you should do this cleaning? Because those bad experiences and bad feelings accumulated in your sub-conscious area blocks you to access the super-conscious area, which is the most important one as it has all the Divine project designed for your life. I mean, your mission, the real purpose of your life is filed in the superconscious area. This is an area of harmony, perfection, abundance, prosperity, health and love. We all need to keep in our minds that we were all born to be happy and abundant. There is no sense on suffering. We were not created to suffer at all. We were not created to live in poverty. We were all made the image of God and are the real heirs of the Universe. It makes no sense a heir of the Universe living in poverty, living without abundance. So, our conscious area send information all the time to our sub-conscious area and we need to manage this in order to keep the flown of what I’m gonna call our Divine project that is in the super-conscious area.
5. That’s fascinating. So how can we use the Dynamic Meditation to achieve our goals?
So, first step: we need to learn how to meditate, meaning how to control our breathe, how to relax and control anxiety. This can be a short process for some, but can takes longer for others. Once we make it, we then start to access our sub-conscious area and see what is going on there. Remember, there are activities, exercises, designed to target any issue we may find on our sub-conscious area. May be we need to forgive someone, may be we need to let some one definitely go from our lives, may be we need to forgive ourselves for any failure. This is a process and the most interesting is that in parallel to this transformation you are making, you begin to see the world changing around you: new people, new situations, etc. Once we feel our vibration has changed, we start to program our goals. In that phase, we use a formula: Thinking + Feeling = Energy. What I’m willing to do? Where and how I want to live? What job I would like to have? Notice we are now talking about permission. We are giving permission to ourselves to achieve our goals, to feel happiness.
6. I love this formula: “Thinking + Feeling = Energy”. Could you explain to us what that is, or maybe give us an example of that?
Well, everything in the world is made of energy, a conjunction of protons and electrons that results in a chair, a table, our bodies, a tree, the bird that is flying outside and whatever you could imagine. For us to program a goal, we need to create the image of this goal in our minds, but this is not enough. We need also to feel we are “experiencing this truth”. When you think and you feel, you create the energy to attract it.

 7. Would you like to mention an example of that?

Sure. Remember I said I was in a bad moment when I had my first contact with DM? So, I went through all this process and then, I started to program the job I wanted and at the same time, I programmed to find my soul mate. Yes, there are technics for both of these goals and I did it. Regarding the soulmate, you basically create the image of your soul mate coming towards you, a lightening silhouette of your soulmate. You can’t put a face when you create that image, otherwise you would be interfering in the Universe’s response to your request. You are just saying “yes, I want to meet my soulmate and I’m ready for it”. What happened to me is that the silhouette of my soulmate was not similar to anyone that I knew or that I had dated before. But every time I made this technic I saw the same silhouette coming with a specific hairstyle and a very slim body. So, during my meditation, I used to hold her, kiss her and this is the “feeling the process” that I had already mentioned here. Regarding the job, it was even more interesting. I wanted to work on a specific airline company. I had worked for Panam before, but out of a sudden, Panam broke. It was highly traumatic for me. I was in New York on that day, doing some Christmas shopping, and I had 16 US dollars left in my pocket to get a van back to JFK and fly back home on that night. It was December 4, 1991, and I had no international credit card on that time. I took ten days to get back to Rio and I will tell this story in another conversation. Arriving back in Brazil, another US Airline hired almost every PanAm employees, but me. The reason why? I don’t know, but may be it was because I was using brasses, I will never know. You see how my vibration was? From the only two or three employees not hired, I was one of them. After the DM, I decided I wanted to be back to an Airline. My target was American Airlines. Lots of my friends were working there. So, I begun to visit the American Airlines check-in in Rio’s international Airport twice a week. I used to wear my suit and a tie and take the bus straight to the airport. Arriving there, I used to talk to my friends in the check in area about anything you can imagine, just to feel like I was working there. I repeated this process during weeks. Suddenly, I realized I didn’t have anything else to talk to them. So, what I did was to read a book or watch a movie just to have something to discuss to people on my next visit to the American Airlines check in. Today I know that my level of blockade was so high that I had to go thru all this to open the path again. I did it for one year and two months. No job position was opened during this period, but during the vacation, AA opened a temporary position that would last only three months and I got it. On my first day in this new job, guess what happened? I was being introduced to all my colleagues and, sitting in the service counter located at the transit lounge, there was a girl typing in the computer. The person who was introducing me, called the girl and when she looked at me I felt something strange. She had the same silhouette and the same hairstyle of the image I saw during my soulmate attraction technic.
I started working in the Special Services Section with two other colleagues. They were AA employees and I was temporarily hired to assist during the high season and would be fired after that. Two days before I completed three months, one of my colleagues got a job he was dreaming of, the job he always wanted as a flight attendant in another airline and his position was automatically transferred to me. He left on Friday and I started as an American Airlines employee on Monday. By the way, two years later, I got married with the beautiful girl of the service counter. We are now married for 24 years and we had a beautiful son.
This is just an example of how DM can work your goals and change your life.

 8. So this is the famous “Law of Attraction”, correct?
 Sure. I would say so.

9. That’s amazing that at American Airlines you really did fake it til you made it. And thanks to destiny, American Airlines is how we met so I’m glad you did that. You told me about the responsibility we should have regarding what we think and what we say. Could you talk a bit about that?
This is simple. Words have energy as well. When you say “I love you” to someone, the energy you send to the Universe is totally different from the words “I hate you”. You are generating energy with your words and notice that I said “send to the Universe”. Remember about the ball thrown at the wall? What we give is what we get. That’s the law and there is no way to be different. When we talk we vibrate our Throat Chakra. The throat chakra is the one responsible for the creativity, the inspiration, is normally a strong chakra on people that works with arts in general. The words we say vibrate in the Throat Chakra and the energy generated vibrates around us, in our spirit and in the Universe as well. We must have more responsibility over the words we say.
10. Chakras is a very trendy word but I’m not sure if everyone understands what they are. Could you quickly explain them to us?
Yes, these are the gates of energy spread all over our bodies: the physical body and the subtle bodies: the mental body, the emotional body, the spiritual body… We have several chakras, but there are the main ones, which are the Crown Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Sacral Chakra and the Root Chakra. All of them have a specific playing field, a different color, a different Master connected to it, and a different impact in our bodies. We should keep them well balanced, and we can do this throw the DM.
11. I always learned that words are very powerful but I never really paid attention to it. Nowadays, I really can see the difference between someone who is positive and someone who is negative. Is there a tool that we could use for pessimistic thinking?
Yeap! We are human beings and we are all expected to do this.  Each of us can create a command to automatically delete an unqualified word said or even thought, and the energy generated by it. You can just whisper the word “CANCELLED”. Your mind will understand that any time you whisper this command, the negative word said or thought, as well as the energy generated by it, will be automatically deleted from your energy field. This is a command in your brain. It works and is tremendously helpful.
There are others tools that can improve your energy vibration: for example, we should avoid gossips, negative comments about others, etc. Remember, everything you say first vibrates around you before vibrating in the Universe. So, keep good comments about others. Another thing we should do is to stop accounting others savings and earnings. This is not of our concern at all. Focus your energy in your savings and earnings and you will see them grow significantly.
12. What is the message you would like to give to our audience?
Life is a wonderful trip made of choices, what makes it a fantastic journey. There is no victim of life, though. We are a hundred percent responsible for our successes and failures and it is directly related to your choices and the way we react to situations. And it is ok to have both, success and failure, during the way. Remember: the problem is not to failure, but how we react to failure. Exercise your mind, keep a good vibration and begin to attract only positive things, positive situations, and positive people to your life. Keep your mind on track.



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