During the Current Pandemic Onslaught, Ditch Fast Food and Go Healthy with Home-Cooked Meals

New Delhi, March 25, 2020: The current global scenario and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic is disturbing every facet of our lives, from our education system to our communication system to our food industry. As much as there exists an absolute requirement of being quarantined or under self-isolation, it is bringing in major disturbances in our lifestyle downright to be able to make the correct food choices.

The current pandemic onslaught and the food being offered by commercial kitchens are further deteriorating the hygiene and immune systems. Moreover, constantly eating outside or binging on fast food is a fact well known to be responsible for bringing in heaps of diseases which lead to overall poor health. Outside food facilities are often seen serving food with more sodium and cholesterol. Eating food from outside adds roughly 58 mg of cholesterol and around 412 mg of sodium to a person’s average daily intake. Since increasing and maintaining good immunity is the need of the hour, it is time that a policy is drafted to call out the unhealthy effects of outside food.Today addressing the same, by social isolation and consuming hygienic home meals have become the bare necessity for survival. 

To reach the above-outlined conclusions, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign analysed data of 18,098 adults from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 2003-2010, which took note of where and what people were eating. The research analysts found that when it comes to nutrition, only Home Food offers a balanced diet. Most certainly you cannot suddenly abandon eating out altogether, but the findings will encourage people to cook and eat at home more often. People who regularly eat outside food consume an average of 200 calories and 58 mg of cholesterol more a day than their home-cooking counterparts. 

One might say that we have healthy options provided to us by various food delivery applications as claimed in their marketing campaigns. Let’s not get misled by Marketing Vs Reality. In the name of Homely and Home Style, all that you are getting is the same unhealthy food from commercial Kitchens claiming to serve Home-cooked food. Outside food is a big health no-no but chances are you never suspect it. Both fast food joints and restaurants serve up more cholesterol and trans-fat than what you make at home, researchers found.

Home-cooked meals are hygienically cooked, provide a balanced diet, have higher energy levels, are wholesome and help you have a healthy body and a healthy mind. This further benefits the environment by reducing our carbon footprint” commented Dr. Mona Dahiya, Co-Founder and Director, Homefoodi.

Homefood is fresh, delicious, healthier and also in-expensive. We can control the amount of fat, sugar, and salt that we put into our food at Home. In addition, we can monitor the portion size. In essence, you know what you are eating and you are eating what your body actually needs. Most Fresh recipes take a little time to prepare but the important thing is that the end result is unlike refrigerated food with preservatives delivered in minutes by most food mobile applications. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought in a sudden requirement to boost up our immunity. Boosting immunity however, is not rocket science and can be achieved significantly by keeping a strict watch on our diet and calorie intake. A cut-down on restaurant food would imply a cut-down on the amount of saturated sugar, fat and excessive quantity of sodium in our systems. This along with some brisk home-exercise can help us stay strong and sail through the situation of crisis.

One of the major concerns we notice in most cases is that our current lifestyle and schedule does not allow us to cook up breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home every single day, which is exactly how we fall prey into ordering from these food applications risking our overall health.

“The best part of ordering out from these applications is that the power to decide resides with you. So, while you can take this as a baseline of logical reasons before ordering out should you have no choice, tread carefully” added Dr. Dahiya.

About The Author:

Dr. Mona Dahiya, Co-Founder and Director of Homefoodi is a well-acclaimed Obstetrics and Gynaecologist with over 18 years of experience in the Medical field and specialization in the field of infertility and IVF. She drives the strategic aim for Homefoodi and its portfolio of offerings while nurturing and leading a strong leadership team to execute.

About Homefoodi:

 Homefoodi is World’s 1st Mobile Application for Home Food made by Home Chefs. Food is health, Food is life. Homefoodi is reviving the Culture of Home Food by giving everyone a variety of cuisines across home food and Bakery choices. Endless variety of cuisines from across the country will leave you not just drooling but will also take care of you and your loved ones’ health. Our Chefs have learned the art of cooking through their unwavering passion and coached by their mom, dad, and granny, who could sprinkle their magic in the food they cook.

Homefoodi has been very selective and responsible in selecting Home Chefs. As a practice, Homefoodi team visits the aspiring Home chef to check for Food Tasting, Food quality, hygiene and cleanliness of their kitchen and Packaging standards. All Home Chefs are 100% FSSAI Certified. Download the APP: Homefoodi on Play Store OR Homefoodi on Apple Store.

For further information, please visithttps://www.homefoodi.com/

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