Drools Pet Food Launches ‘Back of the Pack’ Campaign with Sara Ali Khan as Brand Ambassador

Drools Pet Food has taken a proactive step towards promoting informed pet nutrition with unveiling its latest campaign, ‘Back of the Pack’. To spearhead this initiative, the renowned brand has enlisted Bollywood sensation Sara Ali Khan as its brand ambassador. The campaign seeks to empower pet owners by urging them to carefully read and decode the listed ingredients on pet food packets, ensuring their furry companions receive essential nutrients. 

The ‘Back of Pack’ campaign by Drools underscores the significance of understanding pet food ingredients, enabling owners to make informed nutritional choices for their beloved pets. With Sara Ali Khan and other Drools ambassadors actively participating in this endeavour, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of identifying real chicken and eggs as primary ingredients while avoiding ambiguous terms like ‘meat meal’ or ‘by-products’. By guiding pet owners towards optimal pet nutrition, the initiative strives to enhance the well-being of pets across the nation.

Dr. Shashank Sinha, CEO and veterinarian at Drools Pet Food, emphasized the importance of scrutinizing pet food ingredients with the same diligence as human food. He stressed Drools’ commitment to transparency and empowering pet owners with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions for their furry friends. The ‘Back of Pack’ campaign, supported by Sara Ali Khan, serves as a platform to educate and inspire responsible pet ownership.

In addition to advocating for ingredient transparency, Drools encourages pet owners to conduct comprehensive analyses of pet food options that align with their pets’ specific needs. By promoting choices that prioritize pets’ well-being and health, the campaign aims to address potential concerns associated with unhealthy by-products, ensuring that pets receive the nutrition they require for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Through the ‘Back of the Pack’ campaign, Drools Pet Food reaffirms its commitment to the welfare of pets and their owners, fostering a culture of informed decision-making and responsible pet care in the community. With Sara Ali Khan as its ambassador, Drools embarks on a journey to revolutionize pet nutrition and enhance the lives of pets and pet owners alike.

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