Coca-Cola 2016 supermarket TVC Ad Cast

Coca-Cola India has launched a campaign that has become popular like anything in the world of advertising. In the ad, it can be seen that a male model enters the supermarket while a female model, sitting at the counter, starts looking at the CCTV camera footage. The female model keeps on checking out the male model in the footage, while the male model, who’s unaware of this, keeps on enjoying his soft drink. Later, the girl is standing in front of the fan and fantasising about the male model when he suddenly comes in front of her. The girl gets scared but handles it smartly by telling the male model he’s their lucky customer.


Coca-Cola 2016 supermarket TVC Ad Cast

Male Model
Sidharth Malhotra (Instagram @sidmalhotra)

Female Model
Venus Singh (Instagram @venussinghofficial)

Product/Campaign Description
The new film romances the experience of drinking a Coca-Cola. Set in a supermarket, film opens on a handsome male shopper, played by brand ambassador Sidharth Malhotra, who catches the attention of a female cashier. He pauses to refresh himself with an ice-cold Coca-Cola which acts as an enabler to break the ice and makes the moment special between the two.

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