Caprese Announces Kiara Advani as Brand Ambassador and Launches ‘The Kiara Collection’

Caprese, the esteemed women’s fashion handbag brand known for its chic elegance and contemporary style, proudly introduces its new brand ambassador, the stunning Kiara Advani. Caprese has unveiled its new Spring-Summer 2024 collection to mark this thrilling collaboration, aptly named ‘The Kiara Collection’. This partnership perfectly encapsulates Caprese’s mission to empower women to express their unique style through fashion.

Established in 2012, Caprese has consistently delivered women’s handbags that symbolize international fashion, inspired by the enchanting isle of Capri. The brand caters to modern women who seek to elevate their everyday style with timeless elegance and chic sophistication.

Kiara Advani’s impeccable fashion sense, seamlessly blending modern trends with timeless elegance, aligns perfectly with Caprese’s brand identity. ‘The Kiara Collection’ is designed to cater to every occasion, from beach days to nights out with friends, offering a versatile range of handbags, including Totes, Satchels, Laptop Bags, Slings, and Fashion Backpacks.

Highlights of ‘The Kiara Collection’ 

Totes and Satchels:

These handbags boast classic silhouettes and impeccable craftsmanship, making them the perfect accessory for any occasion. They effortlessly enhance any ensemble with grace and style.


Sleek, stylish, and practical, slings are the go-to companion for conquering tasks with confidence while exuding sophistication.

Fashion Backpacks:

With their chic design and spacious compartments, these backpacks are a staple for fashion-forward urban explorers, marrying style with functionality.

Availability and Pricing

The stunning pieces from ‘The Kiara Collection’ are available on Caprese’s website, in nearby retail stores, and through popular e-commerce platforms such as Myntra and Nykaa. The collection offers a wide selection of handbags, with prices ranging from ₹2199 to ₹3999, ensuring there is something for everyone.

A Word from Caprese

The marketing head of Caprese expressed their excitement about the new collection, stating, “The Kiara Collection is a dazzling blend of Bollywood glamour and timeless elegance, redefining contemporary fashion. We’re thrilled to offer a collection that not only embraces sophistication but also empowers women, transforming everyday moments into a stylish adventure. Kiara’s association with Caprese will further solidify our position at the forefront of the fashion brand league.”

Looking Ahead

With Kiara Advani as its brand ambassador, Caprese invites everyone to explore a future filled with exciting collections, campaigns, and collaborations that celebrate fashion as a medium to empower and inspire. This partnership promises to bring forth more innovative designs and elevate the fashion experience for women everywhere.

Explore ‘The Kiara Collection’ today and embrace the blend of elegance and contemporary style that defines Caprese.

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