British Heritage Brand, Rebus, Launches Shield Signet Rings for the Holiday Season, for Sealing with Style

Reviving the craftsmanship and luxury of handcrafted signet rings and pendants, Hatton Garden atelier and workshop, Rebus, has modernized the tradition of sealing with a signet. From business correspondences to love letters, and updating gift wrap under the tree, a personal seal demonstrates the debonair. This holiday season, Rebus adds new ways to style and seal, with new shield shapes, as well as engravable gemstone faces on signature signets.

In the Rebus workshop, generations of engravers and goldsmiths come together to work on one-of-kind handcrafted pieces, every day. Apprenticing until becoming a Master Engraver, each expert carves by hand to an exacting standard—which the company is internationally recognized for. 

Inspired by ancient Medieval combat shields, Rebus has developed three new shield ring shapes, available on both the UK and US websites, as well as in the Hatton Garden atelier. The Shield Pavise was used in the 14th to 16th centuries, with a beautiful asymmetrical hexagon-like shape. It represents the jewelry worn by ancestors to ward off sickness and evil, offering a luxurious canvas for a protective design. The Shield Engrailed, a popular shape with a pointed bottom and crown-like top, represents heroism and bravery, and was often used to protect and identify. The Shield Heater is a classic shape, with a pointed top, inspired by the defense mechanisms of the Middle Ages, representing safety and security. Each new Shield ring is available in three gold options: white, rose, or yellow gold in either 9K, 14K or 18K. In addition, three face sizes are available, perfect for customizing one’s signet style. The shield lends itself well to a variety of engravable options, from a monogram, heraldic or university coat of arms or crest, to fraternity and sorority badges, or a meaningful symbol. Whether a holiday gift or something to celebrate a milestone, shield rings are perfect for commemorating and celebrating the season.

“I want to offer more choice within our core range of engravable signet rings by providing a different shaped engravable canvas for our customer. These bold shield shapes enable our customers’ designs to be hand engraved within that typically heraldic space” says Emmet Smith, Founder and Owner of Rebus. “There are three sizes of each shaped shield to choose from. The largest is one of the chunkiest signet rings we offer. It has a statement feel to it, very strong; the shank running around the finger is off center to the shield shape, giving the ring a subtle modern twist. These aren’t your traditional signet rings but still complement our core offering.”

In addition to three new shapes, Rebus is also introducing engravable gemstone options for two of its classic signature styles—the stone set oval and cushion signet rings, as well as the full Era signet ring collection. Originally, only available in solid gold and platinum, there are now a variety of gemstone inlay options, including: bloodstone, carnelian, lapis lazuli, onyx, and sardonyx. Offering an additional mode of personalization, one can now engrave the stone with either script or roman capital font, a design of a customer’s choosing, or by referencing the Rebus image database. Classic stone set oval and cushion signet rings are available in either white or yellow gold, in 9K, 14K, and 18K options, and in three face sizes. Era signet rings are available in three designs (cushion, oval, diamond), and one size.

Rachel Constantine, Marketing Director for Rebus, says, “The tradition of gift giving in the holiday season makes us happy, and what better way to express appreciation and deepen a connection than with something handcrafted, personal and designed to last a lifetime.”

For those looking to gift the ultimate experience, the Rebus Gift Box offers the recipient an opportunity to create a bespoke ring with the London workshop. Gift the experience of creating a stamped, artisan-carved heirloom, within a world focused on mass production. Presented in elegant packaging, the box can be given to fully gift or contribute towards a signet ring, and includes a replica signet ring, gift card with a personalized message, invitation to the London workshop, brochure, and finger sizing gauge. Deliverable with five to seven business days, it is the perfect gift for those who appreciate luxury and the art of the maker.

About Rebus

Rebus is the UK’s premier creator of hand-crafted signet rings. The company was founded by Emmet Smith in 2005 as a department within R.H. Wilkins, the renowned engravers based in London’s Hatton Garden. The Rebus team is made up of award-winning hand engravers and goldsmiths, all with a heartfelt commitment to beautiful engraving using traditional hand tools. Over the years, R.H. Wilkins and the Rebus team have won over twenty awards, and it is a tradition to have two apprentices at any time who are indentured through Goldsmiths’ Hall.

For more information about Rebus, visit

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