Brand Zomato’s 2023 Highlights in Food-Ordering Trends

Zomato, the popular food delivery platform, has unveiled its tantalizing insights into the food-ordering trends of 2023. Among the fascinating revelations is the emergence of Hanees, an anonymous Mumbaikar, who claimed the title of the “nation’s biggest foodie” by placing an astonishing 3,580 orders throughout the year. Let’s delve into the delectable details of this food journey and explore the diverse culinary landscape witnessed on Zomato in 2023.

The Nation’s Biggest Foodie:

Hanees, a resident of Mumbai, has become the talk of the town as Zomato bestowed upon him the title of the “nation’s biggest foodie.” With an impressive record of over 9 orders every day, Hanees showcased his culinary curiosity by placing a grand total of 3,580 orders via the Zomato platform. This unique distinction highlights the evolving relationship between consumers and food delivery services, where indulging in a diverse array of cuisines has become a daily affair.

Mumbai’s Culinary Enthusiasts:

Mumbai, a city known for its vibrant culinary scene, not only claimed the title of the “nation’s biggest foodie” but also showcased another enthusiast who set a one-day record by placing a staggering 121 orders. These feats underline the city’s rich gastronomic culture and the willingness of its residents to explore a myriad of flavors at their doorstep.

City-Specific Trends:

Zomato’s report provides intriguing insights into city-specific trends. Bengaluru takes the lead in breakfast orders, showcasing the city’s early risers’ penchant for delightful morning meals. Meanwhile, Delhi is the city with the most late-night orders, proving that the desire for a delicious midnight snack is alive and well in the capital.

Record-Breaking Orders:

2023 witnessed some record-breaking orders on Zomato. A Bengaluru resident placed the largest single order, valued at Rs 46,273. In addition, another customer from the same city exhibited extraordinary generosity by sending 1,389 gift orders worth Rs 6.6 lakh through the platform, emphasizing the role of food delivery in fostering connections and celebrations.

Dominating Dish Trends:

Biryani and pizza continued their culinary reign in 2023, with over 10.09 crore biryani orders and 7.45 crore pizza orders placed on Zomato. To put this into perspective, the year’s biryani orders could fill eight Qutub Minars in Delhi, and the pizzas could blanket an area larger than five Eden Garden cricket stadiums in Kolkata. Noodle bowls secured the third position with over 4.55 crore orders, enough to wrap the earth’s circumference 22 times.

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