Bisleri Limonata Launches Summer Campaign with Aditya Roy Kapur as Ambassador

Bisleri Limonata, a popular product by Bisleri International, has recently launched an exciting new campaign titled #DoubleTheChill. Bollywood actor Aditya Roy Kapur is its first brand ambassador. This campaign aims to promote the unique lime and mint flavor of Bisleri Limonata, distinguishing it from other beverages in the market.

The #DoubleTheChill campaign features Aditya Roy Kapur and Chunky Pandey in a fun and vibrant beach setup. Kapur, dressed in a bright yellow shirt, is playfully teased by Pandey, who suggests that a single yellow isn’t enough and urges him to “double the chill.” This prompts Kapur to bring out Bisleri Limonata, encapsulating the campaign’s refreshing and cool theme. This is the first campaign conceptualized and written by Bisleri’s in-house creative team.

Tushar Malhotra, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bisleri International, highlighted that Bisleri Limonata’s distinctive lime and mint flavor sets it apart in the crowded carbonated beverage category. He also shared that the brand has seen a 30% growth in the carbonated drinks category in April and May, reflecting its increasing popularity.

Interestingly, while most beverage brands launch their campaigns at the start of the summer, Bisleri chose to launch #DoubleTheChill at the end of the season. Malhotra explains that building a brand involves considering multiple factors beyond just the season, including distribution and marketing capabilities.

The campaign’s media mix is designed to align with the digital-first consumption habits of the Gen Z audience. Here’s how the budget is allocated:

Digital Media: 50% of the budget

Experiential Marketing (including fairs and music concerts): 20%

Television: 10%, with a significant focus on the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

Trade Channels (dealer boards and truck branding): 20%

Regarding the T20 World Cup, the advertisement will be broadcast on both traditional television and connected television (CTV), ensuring it reaches a wide audience, including viewers of the non-India matches scheduled at 6 am.

Bisleri Limonata is part of a broader portfolio that includes Bisleri Pop, Bisleri Rev, and Bisleri Spyci Jeera. The company, founded in 1965, aims to achieve a revenue of Rs 500 crore in the near future. The brand unveiled a dedicated campaign for Limonata, recognizing its significant contribution to business growth.

Bisleri Limonata is available in three SKUs:

160 ml: Rs 10 (primarily for general trade)
500 ml: Rs 25
600 ml: Rs 40

The 160 ml pack was specifically launched to encourage more trials among consumers.

Bisleri faces competition from global giants like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, as well as regional brands such as Lahori Zeera and Arora Lemon, which offer locally favored carbonated drinks. However, Bisleri aims to compete primarily with international players in the market, positioning itself as a strong contender in the global beverage industry.

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