Wendy Lee Baldwin – Healing Your Soul In A Chaotic World: Defying the Odds of Sanity and Survival

Have you experienced betrayal, grief, divorce, been abused, abandoned, or sexually assaulted? Do you feel rage, self-hatred, shame, vulnerable, like a mistake or misunderstood? Have you ever wanted to die or fought for survival? Is your wounded heart and soul heavy from the weight of suffering and in dire need of love and nurturing?

If so, join Wendy Lee Baldwin as she bares her soul, exposing the raw pain of life’s most critical events: death, divorce, and adoption, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. As you will see, when you open up and let go of your trauma, you can heal from depression, anxiety, and self-abuse. You can start loving yourself and realizing that you matter. You will automatically become more of your authentic, loving and beautiful self.

If you are truly ready to clear the chaos of your private pain, are seeking hope and a path to starting a better life, then look no further. This book is your solution to a better life, free of pain, sorrow and heartache. Full of hope and inspiration to give you the well-deserved bliss that your soul desires! This true story reads like a gripping novel and includes a section of powerful heart and soul searching self-help tools to get you started transforming your life now. You will find…”Your Secret Formula to Your Best Life Ever…Forgiveness + Gratitude + Self-Love = Freedom!”

 Find out more at: www.alignwithjoy.com

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