Antonia Gavrihel

Back to One

Catherine Leigh and Kyle Weston have the perfect friendship-deep, lasting, and platonic. Friendship without sex? The world of gossip doesn’t buy it. You see, Catherine is beautiful, trusting, and married. Kyle is single, charming, a handsome movie star with a tabloid reputation. Their bond may be magical and honest, but will the boundaries they have created to protect their friendship ultimately destroy it?

Antonia Gavrihel’s breakout novel is thought-provoking, beautifully written, and unique.

Back to One: Take 2 Ambient Light will be released on September 20, 2022!

The adventure continues for our dear friends, Cate & Kyle.

The story of Back to One heads in a new direction in Ambient LightCate and Kyle continue their journey in Hollywood, building careers to new heights while striving to live an everyday life with their children. Yet the world of gossip and scrutiny is ever-present, fueling the public’s interest in the pair in more invasive and dangerous ways.

How can happiness be so hazardous to your health?

Published by Hidden Shelf Publishing House.

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