Akshay Kumar Joins as SG Mart’s Brand Ambassador

In a move set to redefine its brand presence, SG Mart, a prominent B2B trading platform, has inked a game-changing agreement with Bollywood’s powerhouse performer, Akshay Kumar. The collaboration aims to propel SG Mart to the forefront of the nation’s infrastructure market, leveraging Kumar’s widespread appeal and influence.

The partnership will see Akshay Kumar, known for his versatility and commitment to excellence, endorsing SG Mart across a spectrum of media channels, including print, electronic media, outdoor advertising, and in-store promotional material. This strategic move is poised to amplify SG Mart’s visibility and credibility, solidifying its position as a leading destination for cutting-edge building materials from top Indian brands.

Speaking on the association, Shiv Bansal, joint managing director of SG Mart, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Akshay Kumar as the esteemed brand ambassador of SG Mart. Akshay’s values resonate deeply with our platform’s ethos of delivering quality and innovation. As we witness a surge in construction projects nationwide, this partnership will enable us to forge stronger connections with our customers, cementing SG Mart as the go-to marketplace for all their infrastructure needs.”

Indeed, the decision to enlist Akshay Kumar as the face of SG Mart underscores the company’s commitment to fostering trust and loyalty among its clientele. By aligning with a figure of Kumar’s stature, SG Mart aims to engage with consumers directly, instilling confidence in its offerings and consolidating its position as the preferred supplier in the building materials market.

With construction activity on the rise and demand for quality materials at an all-time high, SG Mart’s collaboration with Akshay Kumar couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment. As the nation gears up for unprecedented growth in the infrastructure sector, SG Mart stands poised to lead the charge, armed with a powerful ally in Akshay Kumar and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

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