Age of Atheria


After the fallout of a Great War, Ady must escape her tyrannical Republic and travel to a hidden realm, where ancient beings and a divine council have been preparing for her arrival and the ultimate war to come—a battle against the Republic and the dark forces that guide them. When Ady learns she is an anointed one, called to lead and rise against the oppressive Republic, she finds herself stripped from everything she knows and loves. But on the Edenic floating islands of Atheria, she learns to harness her powers and the mystical gifts she didn’t know she possessed. But time is not on their side: the dark forces that have corrupted humanity are almost free from their ethereal prison. Can she unite the Resistance in time?

This sweeping and enchanting fantasy novel, complete with love and heartbreak, danger and mystery, is the first in the Age of Atheria series. This is a book for the hopeful—for those who dream of a different world.

Connect with Jenny and Greg : 

Social media handles @JennyMcClainMiller and @GregoryJohnMiller across all platforms! And you can find Jenny and Greg books at and say hello at !!

Listen to Greg and Jenny on the Relatable Voice Podcast.

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