4 Important Questions to Ask Your Electrician

There are many times when you might need an electrician to help you out at home. This might be during an emergency situation, when you really need someone to deal with a sudden electrical problem. But it could also be something less pressing, like when you want to install a new lighting fixture or you need an electrician for your new kitchen. Whatever you’re hiring them for, you want to know that you’re hiring the right person or company. It’s important that they’re right for the job and that they’re not going to overcharge you. So it’s smart to ask them some key questions before they start any work.

What’s the Reasoning Behind Your Recommendations?

If your electrician is recommending that they carry out some work, it’s always useful to know why. Anything that could make your home’s electrics safer or more functional is a positive, but you don’t want to pay for unnecessary work. Your electrician can tell you about why they’re making a recommendation, whether they’re explaining the difference between grounding and bonding or telling you about the benefits of making the changes. They should be able to put these things into everyday language so you don’t have to wrestle with jargon.

Can I See Some References?

Any good electrician will be able to present you with references from past and current customers. They might have written references or testimonials, or they could have the contact details of customers who have agreed to be references. They should also be able to show you photographs of their work. While this might not be as important as photos from an interior designer or builder, it’s still good to know that your electrician will work neatly and won’t leave a mess behind when they’re finished. Photos can demonstrate this, showing the quality of their work.

Can You Break Down This Quote for Me?

When you’re given a quote, you want to understand what exactly you’ll be paying for. Knowing how the electrician has reached their final number helps you know whether it’s a reasonable amount. It also ensures you know what is and isn’t included, and whether there are likely to be any additional costs. Many electricians will automatically provide you with a full breakdown of their quotes so you understand how much you’re paying for labor, parts, and more. But if they don’t, you can ask for the quote to be more detailed.

Who Will Be Doing the Work?

It’s definitely helpful to know exactly who’s going to be in your home and carrying out the work. You might have spoken to one person, but that might not be the person who actually completes the project. It could be someone completely different, or they might be bringing additional people with them to help them get the work done. Ask about who will be doing the work and what their training, qualifications and experience are like too.

Ask your electrician these important questions and you can make sure they’re the right person for the job.

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