Who is a more authentic brand – Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi?

This is the last year of NAMO’s Government and Lok Sabha Elections 2019 has started from April 11, 2019. The results will be declared on May 23, 2019, but before the results are you eager to know who is a more authentic brand – Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi?

Well, it will be too early to say anything about it, but yes based on Twitter poll, taken by Brand Education 42% respondents find Rahul Gandhi to be authentic whereas with 58% polls Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ahead.

Modi is still able to maintain the support but Rahul Gandhi is also not too far from winning. According to various available statics support for Rahul Gandhi among SCs has risen by 10% since January 2019, while for PM Modi it has fallen by 6%.

With Muslim support Rahul Gandhi is the front runner for PM seat, the major Muslim population want him to be the next prime minister whereas due to various reasons only a small percentage of Muslims are in support of PM Modi. 90 crore (900 million) people are registered as voters for the 2019 Lok Sabha election, and this includes 1.5 crore voters in the 18-19 age group.

Well, just a short wait and we will know whether Rahul Gandhi comes out to be an authentic brand or PM Modi wins the race of authenticity. The game is still on and the entire world is eagerly waiting for the 2019 Lok Sabha election results.

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