When should you not use a 3D rendering of an exterior?

Frequently, 3D exterior visualization serves as a dependable means to showcase the potential appearance of an architectural structure. There are instances where exterior rendering might not be suitable. To optimize the client’s time and resources, let’s explore these scenarios further.

Cases When It Is Not Practical to Use 3D Exterior Renderings

Instances, where 3D exterior house rendering might not be feasible, include scenarios with a limited budget or highly tight implementation deadlines, leading companies to opt out of developing 3D visualizations.

Limited Budget

A constrained budget often hinders photorealistic 3D rendering due to the substantial investment needed in high-end hardware and licensed software, which might not align with an architecture firm’s financial constraints.

Simple Projects

Additionally, for more straightforward projects where clients don’t necessitate photorealistic CGI images, the level of effort required for 3D rendering can differ. Hiring a 3D rendering exterior expert might not be a practical choice in such cases.

Tight Deadlines

Meeting tight deadlines while managing 3D rendering can be an extensive and demanding process, requiring significant time and attention. Suppose personal supervision or execution of these tasks would leave you with limited time and energy, diverting focus from crucial responsibilities. In that case, it might be best to reconsider this approach or collaborate with a professional 3D exterior rendering company.

When Rapid Conceptualization Is a Priority

3D exterior rendering speed relies on processor power, including the number of cores and concurrent thread operations. Rendering times for interactive scenes can span several hours to days per frame. If rapid conceptualization is essential, exploring alternative tools might be more conducive.

Preference for Real Photos

Buyers often focus solely on the 3d image when purchasing housing under development. If significant changes occur during rendering creation, developers prioritize displaying real photos of the project to potential buyers promptly for a reason:

  • Shows the real exterior of the object.
  • Specifies the landscape of the territory at the time when construction is completed.
  • Minimizing potential misunderstandings.

Specific Style Requirements

Software libraries or online resources might need more crucial objects in distinctive projects. In these instances, partnering with a specialist for sketching becomes imperative for client approval.

Summing Up

3D exterior rendering services are crucial in every design project, offering many benefits that deserve attention. But if certain factors mentioned earlier have influenced your perspective, high-quality visualization with Genense Studio can still be achieved.

Feel free to reach out and experience firsthand how much we can assist you and your team.

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