Shure Debuts a Fresh, New Look and Even Better Sound For Its Award-Winning SRH840 and SRH440 Headphones

Many of today’s content creators, professional musicians, and recording artists will underscore the importance of using gear that looks as good as it sounds. With this in mind, Shure has unveiled new enhancements and improvements to its portfolio of SRH Headphones. Featuring significant product design upgrades and nuanced improvements to sound quality, the second-generation SRH440A and SRH840A Headphones provide superior audio, long-wearing comfort, and signature Shure durability. 

The next evolution of the SRH Headphones build on the same foundation that established Shure headphones: iconic sound quality. Designed with creators and recording professionals in mind, SRH offers superior audio with improved capabilities and a modern design so professionals can always look as good as they sound. 

“Today’s consumers are seeking high-quality audio without sacrificing style and comfort,” said Sean Sullivan, Global Product Manager, Listening Products, at Shure. “This upgrade delivers just that—a low-profile design that looks great on camera and improved acoustics to ensure clean, and consistent audio reproduction. Recording professionals and content creators will benefit from professional headphones that include Shure’s iconic sound signature and a fresh, modern design.” 

The new models incorporate a series of design upgrades, ensuring Shure’s iconic sound quality with an exceptional look to match. Both headphones are optimized for critical listening and studio monitoring, featuring nuanced improvements including lower harmonic distortion and more precise left-right driver matching. The SRH840A offers a precisely tailored frequency response powered by 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers to deliver rich bass, a clear mid-range, and extended highs, while the wide, padded headband and collapsible design combine to create the ultimate listening experience. The SRH440A delivers detailed frequency response with accurate audio designed for podcasting, home recording, and critical editing and mixing. The consistent and uncolored sound response provides an appropriate representation of the sound, making it an ideal fit for talent in a recording session. 

Both the SRH440A and SRH840A also incorporate these features and benefits:

  • Ultra-Comfortable Lightweight Headband – Superior comfort for extended use. The closed-back, circumaural design rests comfortably over the ears and reduces background noise for long-wearing comfort over extended periods. 
  • Sleek, Durable Design – The new industrial design with matte finish looks great on camera and withstands the rigors of constant use. A straight cable is now standard for both models to offer more mobility in creative spaces. 
  • Legendary Shure Sound Quality – Both headphones provide unique sound signatures optimized for creating and editing. The SRH840A’s precisely tailored frequency response delivers rich bass, clear mid-range, and extended highs. The SRH440A’s transparent, natural sound signature delivers detailed accurate audio across an extended range. 

Pricing and Availability

Shure’s SRH440A Headphones are available for a retail price of £89/ $99 / €99. Purchase includes the headphones; a detachable, straight 9-foot locking bayonet cable; and a threaded gold stereo 1/8” to 1/4” adapter. SRH840A Headphones are available for a retail price of £135 / $149 / €149. Purchase includes the headphones; a carrying bag; detachable, straight 9-foot locking bayonet cable, and a threaded gold stereo 1/8” to 1/4” adapter. 

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