Jon Morrow

Founder & Owner of SmartBlogger

Jon Morrow, founder and owner of SmartBlogger, very well known as Mr. Blogger of the internet. He rose from severe disability to become one of the world’s most successful blogger. He doesn’t use his name as the title of his blog, but still he has managed to build a personal brand from his writing.

At a very small age Jon was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), which means that he can scarcely move any muscles. In one of his blog post he stated, he should be dead by now – most people with SMA don’t survive very long into adulthood. But, Jon was not ready to let his disability slow him down and stop him from living his dreams. He started a blog and tell his story.

He found success while working for Copyblogger. Later, he built up his own site, now called Smartblogger. SmartBlogger and the various courses he runs bring him over $100,000 per month.

He has guest blogged across the net, making a name for himself. He is active on the social media channels. SmartBlogger makes most of its money through affiliate marketing products that help bloggers succeed and through selling its own digital course/products.

Jon Morrow, the owner, is bound to a wheelchair and can only feel his face. Yet, despite this, he has become a millionaire and travelled the world with his blogging career. He has another website named Unstoppable, where he talks more about inspirational stuff.

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