Interview with Architect Sunil Dhingra

Founder of SD Inc.

For Sunil, architecture is everything. From the structures that surround us to the designs and novelties that simplify and beautify our day-to-day existence, he looks for inspiration in the most minute details. As an architect and interior design specialist, he is able to blend creativity and practicality to innovate unique, well-designed environments for living, working, and everything in between. Holding nearly two decades of experience, Sunil has watched the industry grow and evolve. He is dedicated to creating visually-astonishing, environmentally-responsible results. We have conducted an interview with Ar. Sunil Dhingra from New Delhi based architecture and interior design firm SD Inc.


Please tell us something about yourself, the architect and about you as a person, your personal interests and choices that define you.

Well, I am just a common man, a person just like you or any one else with same biological specifications. It is only my profession “Architecture” which makes me different from others (yes from all others architects even) as my design philosophies, my likings and my ideas are unique. Some people may call it insane but it is the way it is.

Again, as a common man, my personal interests are quite common like I like reading, watching movies and sports etc. I love partying, travelling and exploring new places, new things but as an architect; I have specific moods, choices, likings and combinations which are again unique.

For me, Architecture starts from the very first thing in the morning by selecting the outfit combination. Why do we select outfits? Why can’t we wear the same kind of outfits on all occasions? Because every outfit is designed for the specific occasion, need or climate. So as the architect. This is need specific, mood specific and climate specific. No two architectural statements can be the same as no two fingerprints match. This makes me different.

What was your main goal when you set up your business/career?

I have set no goals for me. Preset goals either limit you or frustrate you. For me, every day is a fresh assignment. Every day brings new challenges in ongoing life, where is the time to set goals and then fight to achieve them and once they are achieved you set another goal. I practice architecture for my personal satisfaction. Why kids play games? Because they love to play it. They feel satisfied. Same as architecture for me. Now, some people may question ‘kids have parents to feed them, to fulfill their need with money. From where the architect runs his living if he is working for pleasure”. My take is “if you are happy with your designs and deliverance as an architect, if you find pleasure in what you do, money and fame are just a bi-product. They shall follow you.

When you designed your business logo, what were the most important things you took into consideration to make sure that it complemented your brand image and identity?

My logo is my inspiration. My logo speaks about the very insight of anything. It speaks about my focus, my concentration to hit the bulls eye. It gives me the vision to see the unforeseen in any detailing. It aims towards targeting those gray areas of design and engineering aspects which are not given attention and hence they cost you while doing the construction. When we design, we don’t start loving it from the very first day. In fact, we start finding flaws in it. The loopholes, which can’t be found if you start loving your creation from the start. We constantly grill every aspect of design be it lighting or proportions or specifications, so that after this process the final product is what we are known for. That is my logo’s punch line.

What measures did you take at first in order to try to set up an effective brand image?

I don’t believe in brand image. Image is temporary. Character is permanent. I believe in making brand character. Once the deliverance is good and effective, the designs are workable, the clients have saved money out of my inputs in value engineering, the brand is built.  Your successful project is your marketing. “A doctor’s mistake is either buried or burnt, but an architect’s mistake is always there to make him realize that he was wrong.”

What sets your business brand apart from competitors’ brands?                                                               

We have no competitors. We are our own competition. For business our strategy is altogether different. We don’t want clients to pay us for design. They pay us because we save their construction cost which amounts to almost 4 times our fee. This is a win-win scenario where client is paying from the money which we saved for them. We give them a guarantee to save a minimum amount from the cost of construction by our value engineering and experience. This is a unique approach in consultancy business which makes us stand tall in the market.


Sunil Dhingra Official Website:

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