International Women’s Day: 6 Inspiring Female Artists To Know

Women have always played a massive role in the art world. They’ve been muses, collectors, curators, and, of course, creators. The female prevalence in the art world is continually increasing, and it’s creating more influence than ever. There are so many brilliant contemporary female artists who are redefining the scene and how women are depicted in art.

Since International Women’s Day is just around the corner, we’d like to highlight some of our favorite contemporary artists. Celebrate March 8th by learning about these 6 inspiring female artists and their beautiful, expressive artwork.

Aliza Nisenbaum

Born in Mexico City and living in New York, Aliza Nisenbaum is best known for her vibrant, large-scale portraits of Mexican and South American immigrants in the USA. She paints her subjects during a methodical observational sitting process that allows her to capture the heartfelt moments shared between generations of families.

Aliza is dedicated to giving visibility to those who are so often forgotten, and has become famous for featuring groups that aren’t traditionally the subjects of portraiture. Her intimate portraits are influenced by the Mexican muralist movement, and have been displayed in galleries in LA, New York, and Rome.

Hayv Kahraman

The self-taught Iraqi artist uses her experiences as a refugee to create thought-provoking, Renaissance-inspired artwork. Hayv Kahraman’s own body serves as her subject. The artist has shared that it was the one constant in her life as she learned to assimilate to life in Sweden, Italy, and the USA.

Hayv’s creative process involves photographing herself in Renaissance poses, especially those used by the Old Masters in Florence, and then creating artwork based on the images. Her paintings are a captivating expression of the European ideals she was taught to believe and her tumultuous childhood in Baghdad. Currently based in LA, Hayv’s artwork has been shown in galleries in New York, LA, London, Dubai, and San Diego.

Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum

A trained dancer turned artist, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum combines existential musings and scientific theories in her striking artwork. The Botswana-born, Canada-based multidisciplinary artist describes her work as “Afrofuturistic”. Her meticulous linework is indeed futuristic, while the soft colors and dreamlike landscapes of her paintings have a distinct Romanticist feel.

Pamela’s artwork challenges the conceptions of how women have been represented in art throughout history, as she infuses anatomical principles into her figures. Her paintings are inspired by the big philosophical questions in life – who we are, why we’re here, and where we come from. Pamela’s existential narratives have stimulated admirers’ minds in galleries in New York, London, and South Africa.

Karimah Hassan

She’s a modern leader of immersive art experiences. The Welsh-born artist has garnered international attention for her bright, evocative paintings and community showcase exhibitions. Karimah Hassan displays her artwork alongside poetry readings, jazz performances, and open-mic sessions to emphasize the importance of the arts within communities.

Karimah’s “canvas to streets” initiative has caught on in London, and the talented young artist has also been commissioned to do murals for the Toronto Arts Council.

Nina Chanel Abney

The Chicago-born, New York-based artist uses her vivacious, graphic style paintings and collages to explore topics related to race, gender, and politics. Her large-scale pieces are a visual feast of colors and text that depict her experiences as a black woman in America.

Nina Chanel Abney’s poignant interpretations of police brutality quickly gained momentum during the Black Lives Matter movement, making her one of the most prominent young artists of America. Her imaginative work has since been featured in galleries in New York and LA.

Ane Howard

The expressionist artist’s mixed-media landscape paintings and portraits convey complex human emotions through vivid colors and passionate brushstrokes. Born in Montreal and based in California, Ane Howard’s artwork tells the story of her love affair with her adopted home. The self-taught artist depicts dramatic seascapes, powerful cowgirls, and monumental landmarks associated with the Golden State.

Her resplendent artwork has been shown in various galleries across California, as well as in public art displays in London and Berlin. The inventive artist is also a fashion and home decor designer who makes her artwork accessible to all through her eco-friendly clothing and furniture collections

Happy International Women’s Day to all of our beautiful female readers! Who are your favorite female artists?

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