Here are 5 Reasons to have a Honda CR-V — The Lively Compact SUV

Do you have a large family, relatives in the country and plans for your next vacation, and are you looking for a roomy and reliable crossover with a decent level of comfort and a smooth ride? Have you seen “Sideboard”? What does the furniture have to do with it … Naturally, we are talking about the Honda CR-V!

The reputation of the Honda brand in most countries has always been at a very high level. But not every car is Mary Poppins, who, as you know, was ideal and the very definition of perfection.

Designers always have to look for compromises, which means that every car has something to praise and something to criticize. It’s time to see what the owners of Honda CR-V appreciate and for what they praise.

“Family Values” – The Volume of The Cabin and Trunk

As a matter of fact, the first generation of Honda CR-V was created and positioned as a family car. Still, the subsequent ones, including the fourth, remained faithful to this ideology. 

What are the requirements for a family car? First of all, the interior should be “roomy”, and the trunk should be more significant. And with that, and with another, the CR-V is incomplete order. Here is what the owners write in their reviews: “The salon is large and comfortable. The three of us sit in the back usually. In front – generally class! The landing is comfortable, the sills are not high, it is very convenient for people with some limited motor functions or the elderly to get in and out. “

Indeed, the doors of this model swing open 90 degrees, and, as it is written in one review, “you can jump into the cabin even with a running start,” and even a driver 195 cm tall can sit down “by himself” without any problems. The distance to the backs of the front seats is enough, and the width of the cabin: “We went south, so my daughter-in-law with her granddaughter, in the back seat, slept all the way with a knave”. Many reviews have noted that second-row comfort is enhanced by a flat floor and adjustable rear seat backrest angle. 

Ride, Comfort and Handling

Ride comfort is one of the undoubted advantages of the Honda CR-V. Here the authors of the reviews do not skimp on praise: “It’s a pleasure to ride it, there are enough horses for its weight, the cruise control works great”, 

“Drives perfectly – like a sedan, holds the road confidently, does not prowl when braking, does not jump along the track when changing lanes, moderately hard. Does not heel when cornering. When driving on asphalt, you get the most out of the steering response and the well-tuned suspension. “There are a lot of such statements in the reviews. 

The build-up begins at high speeds, more than 140 km / h, before that the car goes smoothly, easily swallows road irregularities, and in general, the suspension is quite suitable for our roads. Holds the high-speed arc on good asphalt confidently, including serpentine passes; the rolls are moderate. 

Add to all that has been said – the smooth operation and invisibility of automatic transmission switches, a light, but quite an accurate steering wheel (though not everyone likes this lightness), as well as the legendary sound of a Honda engine (and this is music for the ears of those who understand). 

It will become clear what the owners of the Honda CR-V love.


Here are a few owner reviews on the topic of fuel consumption:

 “The consumption of gasoline was pleasantly surprised because the average consumption for the entire period of operation has never exceeded 9 litres per 100 km”.

The majority estimate the consumption as “quite adequate”, especially if the owner is a family man and prefers a calm driving style: “The consumption of 95 gasoline on the highway is 6.9-8 l / 100 km, on average 7.5 (I go 110 for a cruise -control). In the city – 10.5 l / 100 km according to computer readings. But I always have ECO mode turned on – a big green button, so the car’s reactions to pressing the accelerator pedal are blurry. Press the button – it immediately tears sharply for all 190 horses, but the consumption will be much higher.


When you read the reviews of the owners of Honda CR-V, especially the two-litre versions, at first, you fall into a state that is now called “cognitive dissonance.” Whoever claims that the engine is still weak and overtaking requires a certain amount of stress – extremists immediately object that 150 horses will take you from point A to point B efficiently, and if necessary – quickly and with acceleration, and that to overtake columns of trucks of any length, it is enough to simply learn how to use the manual transmission mode and paddle shifters, since the second gear is “cut off” only at a speed of 110 km / h. 

In fact, those who think that the CR-V is a perfectly balanced car are right. Of course, this is not a Porsche, but it accelerates quite decently in sport mode, although there are not enough stars from the sky. 

The engine power is enough for confident movement both in the city and on the highway, and 2.4-liter “American” cars even allow you to “give off the soot.” On intercity hauls, you will be pleased with the softness and smoothness of the ride, while at any speed, you will not suffer from “yaw”, rolls and “rollover” when cornering. The steering wheel is light but precise and informative enough. 

Well, in the city you will be pleasantly surprised by an excellent overview (not a single complaint about too thick front struts!), The ability to turn around literally on a patch and dimensions comparable to a C-class sedan. 

The cross-country ability, of course, is not like that of the Defender, but the car will definitely pass there without any problems, where an ordinary car will save. In a word, you can go to work every day, go to the sea with your family, and visit your mother-in-law in the countryside. 

Outwardly, the car looks quite lovely, and even years after it entered the market, it is not perceived as outdated, “No show-off, and at the same time solid.” In short, a typical crossover, which is somewhat similar to an adjustable wrench: you can unscrew any nut with it, but it is not always convenient to use it. 

Perhaps that is why in the reviews there are such passages every now and then: “It turned out to be the best car of all that was in my more than fifteen years of driving experience”, “We looked at cars of this class. We went to Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru. It seems that they are all good in their own way, but when I got into the Honda, we realized that this was THE car. “A car for those who have a calm character, take care of themselves and their loved ones and do not like to change the family vehicle too often. 


In assessing the reliability of the Honda CR-V, the owners unanimously consider reliability to be the car’s main advantage. The suspension is also very hardy.

The owners’ express confidence that you will definitely get where you need to and when you need it with the Honda CR-V.

Honda’s CRV SUV is a perfect blend of reliability, performance, affordability and comfort.
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