Coronavirus: How to sustain Customer engagement post-lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic has made things worse for many businesses. However, the ones who know how to sustain brand engagement post-lockdown will be the ones who will survive. Here we are sharing with you some strategies that will help you boost brand engagement post-lockdown.

Have a look……

1. Social media strategies:

First and foremost is social media strategies. We all know that social media is an integral part of every brand’s engagement strategies. You can use social media handles for myriads of reasons, from connecting with newer audiences across geographies to hosting interactive sessions and competitions online, to increase engagement, etc. You can even run virtual concerts on social media handles to engage with the audience.

2. Targeted messaging:

The tagline that you use for your brand should be simple and should resonate well with the audience or users. Using easy slogans help your customers to remember your brand’s name for a longer duration. So, use simple and targeted messaging for your brand.

3. Incorporate the human element into marketing

We all know that the entire world is struggling financially due to the COVID-19 crisis. This is not the time to see your profits.This is the time to stand by your users and let them know that you care. Incorporating the human element into marketing can help you go a long way. Just like Hyundai did. Hyundai launched a scheme wherein a buyer making a purchase until the end of April 2020 is eligible for the late first payment. The brand provided a breathing space for up to three months to its new customers. Similarly, you can also have some such elements added to your marketing.

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