Average Joes Entertainment Teams Up With Digital Comics Platform, Macroverse, To Launch “The Average Joes” And Transform Acclaimed Musicians Into Super Heroes Through New Tapstory

LOS ANGELES, Calif  – Macroverse Co-Founders and Executive Producers, Eben Matthews and Adam Martin, along with Average Joes Entertainment CEO and President, Shannon Houchins, will embark on a new, digital comic series, “The Average Joes” this February, where big-name musicians play themselves as illustrated heroes to battle their archenemies.

The collaboration continues Houchins personal passion for comics and his 2017 print version featuring Country Artist and Average Joes Entertainment Co-Founder Colt Ford and Friends as superheroes, selflessly saving the world and fighting crime in their own, unique way. This year, Macroverse approached Houchins with the opportunity to refresh and continue the series in a modern, digital format, taking advantage of today’s app-obsessed world and exposing both sets of characters to a new audience.

The series follows country music superstars Colt Ford, The Lacs, Sarah Ross, and Lenny Cooper as they join forces with The Moonshine Bandits and others to face off against The City Slicker, Houndawg, Lil Buddy, Buzz Edison, The McTiknut Family and other foes.

“Bringing these heroic personas from our favorite country music stars to life in this new format is thrilling for Macroverse. Bringing fans of music, art and storytelling together is a key part of our mission,” said Macroverse Executive Producer Eben Matthews. Adam Martin added, “ Since Colt and friends have already explored the comics world, their star power should easily extend to our audience while broadening their own. We are excited to embark on this journey with them and have the opportunity to tell more and more stories together”

Average Joes Entertainment is a powerhouse indie label/entertainment company which houses four record labels, a management company, a publishing entity and a film and television production company, Hideout Pictures. It’s a natural step for them to continue their successful 2017 comics creation on the digital side with this energizing and innovative partnership.

“My passion for comics goes back many years. When Macroverse approached me to take this project digital, I jumped at the chance to keep Colt and his superhero friends saving the world and taking down one archenemy at a time,” said Average Joes CEO and President Shannon Houchins.

“This is a great way for me and my labelmates to reach a new audience,” said Country Artist and Average Joes Entertainment Co-Founder Colt Ford. “I’m excited to continuing to fight for justice and take my archenemies to task in the digital world.”

Through Macroverse’s one-of-a-kind “TapStory” format, the series is crafted for maximum impact on mobile devices. This approach creates a more “cinematic experience” via an interactive tap-through storytelling mechanic. Readers control how they move through the story by tapping the screen at their own pace. This format is unique to Macroverse, a true reimagining of the comics medium that’s sure to capture the imagination of long time comics fans as well as those who have never read a physical comic book but love to be entertained on their phones.

Ad-free, unlimited access and on demand, the series is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The first three episodes of “The Average Joes” will be released Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2021. Episodes four and five will be released on March 2nd, with additional episodes every other Tuesday thereafter.

About the Macroverse App
Conceived as a platform to propel comics into the digital age, Macroverse focuses on innovative storytelling custom built for mobile devices. This approach combines bite sized episodic content with binge-worthy serialized narratives that celebrate the strengths of the traditional comics format while exploring new creative opportunities only possible in a modern digital experience. Learn more and download the app at www.macroverse.media

About Average Joes Entertainment
Average Joes Entertainment launched in 2008 with flagship artist Colt Ford.  Since its inception, the entertainment company has expanded to housing four labels, a management company, a publishing entity and a film and television production company, Hideout Pictures.  Founded by CEO Shannon Houchins and Colt Ford, the Nashville-based organization focuses on delivering a broad range of services to its artist roster, management clients and strategic partners including digital marketing, PR, tour marketing, creative and content creation, e-commerce and more.

Average Joes Entertainment is home to Colt Ford, Montgomery Gentry, Sam Grow, Josh Mirenda, Bubba Sparxxx, Hatcher, Camo Brian, Cypress Spring, Sarah Ross, Shelbykay, Lenny Cooper, Austin Tolliver, Tommy Chayne, Millz, DJ Cannon Banyon and The Mud Digger Series. Subsidiary labels include AVJ Records, Backroad Records and Buffalo Roam Records. For more information, visit www.averagejoesent.com.

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