Attract and Convert Customers with Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a bit different from other forms of marketing. The main aim of video marketing is to move from transaction based marketing to give and take marketing. 

Which means getting more engagement and social sharing on user generated videos by educating them with something of their interest or getting them entertained. 

Since the rise of internet, the growth of online users have increased drastically and more people are moving towards video content. 

Just to give you some stats almost 93% of B2C marketers and 96% of B2B marketers uses use video for sales, communication and online marketing

Increases Brand Awareness

If done properly video marketing can be one of the best form of marketing. As the amount of brand awareness is created through video marketing can’t be compared with any other sources of marketing. 

One of the great marketers also said, “The more time that people spend watching the higher the brand awareness at the end,” which is so true. 

Also did you in 2011 – a user spent almost only 3 minutes in watching a video. Which has grown since then and increased to almost 3 hours in 2021. 

More Customer

When I tell you which platform do you use to watch video be it any kind of video? One of the platforms that will come to your mind will be YouTube. But don’t worry you are not alone. As the answer will be same for almost 80% of the users. 

According to a Forbes study, almost 70% of the users watched business-related videos on YouTube. What’s more, an even higher percentage visited the given company’s website after watching.

Keen Benefit Of Utilizing Video

Online Videos could be obtained from everywhere and they manage clients and other professionals the opportunity to pause the movie, find more about your business, and examine the products and services in your own site. That is in fact one of the primary advantages to utilizing videos: You also are able to spur individuals on with a call-to-action via embedded annotations or post outside links for your social networking feeds without undermining the flow of your own video for customers.

Videos allow clients to choose what to view next, pause the activity and shed a hashtag on societal networking or do a bit more research on your own site all contribute to more client involvement. Adding interactive components into your own videos has been demonstrated to improve attention and remember (i.e., basically why we are advertising in the first place) but also time your clients spend watching movies on cellular devices and the general satisfaction they detract from doing this.

Videos for Longer Immersion

Think back once you’re able to string together multiple videos with no severing your overarching story, combine in-video text entrance to your own clips, and connect directly out to social websites without losing a beat, you devise a closer relationship with the men and women who matter most: your clients.

Discussing of the client, you absolutely need to take actions towards crafting a convenient yet informative video encounter. Gradually placing the Choice For clients to have a fast glance at your site or appropriate blog posts and PDFs can improve the total experience for your clients. You can add everything you need for clients to get more from your movies –e.g., through YouTube annotations Urging clients to test out more information on your own site (and register!) –or Underline the main takeaways from among your movie learning modules.

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