An interview with founding member and CEO of Tinydoor, Baffour Anim

For young entrepreneur Baffour Anim, a career path exchanging valuable time for money was not in his plans. He’s showing thousands of his followers on Instagram how to make the most out of their time, learning new skill sets and becoming tech and business savvy entrepreneurs in the process. Today Baffour is here with us to share his journey through the entrepreneurial world. 

Let’s start at the beginning of your journey, Baffour. What first inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
What actually started me on this path and made me want to have my own business was seeing my mother and grandmother run a small shop in Akym Oda’s marketplace when I was younger. They sold everything from soap to kente fabrics and even toys for little kids like water guns and those fake disposable cameras. I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit, it was born in me. My father lived in New York and worked for Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor and he sent provisions to our family. I knew then that my peers didn’t have access to the type of candy and snacks he was sending so naturally, I would take a few items to school to sell. I loved the money I made from it because kids in Ghana would trade their entire lunch money for a bag of Cheetos or Pringles because it was a foreign snack.

What is the concept of your business that you’ve created to date? 
Through my organization Tinydoor, we’re providing full-scale content creation and digital marketing for established musicians as well as documentaries for emerging talent and businesses internationally. So currently people tend to spend all their time on social media, but the average artist or business doesn’t have the time and resources to fully understand their digital presence. This is where we come in and deliver high-quality assets for brand development that will clearly illustrate the identity and mission statement for the aforementioned clients. We’re providing an educational media platform that people can leverage to investors and labels in order for them to cement their brand visibility.

How does that make an impact on their day to day lives?
Having the freedom of time means being able to spend more time doing the things that mean most to you, for example spending time with your family, focusing on developing your craft as an artist or growing your business without worrying about your market value and metric reach. We elevate the image of every brand or business so they can do what makes them great.

With your business growing as you continue to help more and more people what kinds of goals do you have set for yourself and for the future of your organization?
Personally, my biggest goal right now is to retire my mother from working. For the business I want to impact as many lives as possible and help people realize the potential there is in good strategic digital marketing.

Becoming successful in business can be very difficult. Tell us about some of the adversity you faced in growing your organization in this type of space. 
In this industry you’re working with people from all over the world with different values of life who have varying perspectives and experiences than our own. It can be difficult at first adapting your leadership style so that you’re able to help everyone get that same level of attention and respect so they feel fully appreciated when working together. However it just takes patience and a willingness to improve yourself first as a person, then you can work to translate that into the way that you’re able to help others see the value of patience and persistence.

In closing Baffour, tell us your best piece of advice for an aspiring entrepreneur.
Success starts in the mind but be humble and patient to learn the intricate moving pieces of your business. What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve with hard work and determination against the tide of complacency. I played football when I was younger and my coach would often say to me “see yourself in that end zone buddy”, when I applied this visual meditation I scored many touchdowns. Whatever you place your energy and focus into, is already yours. As long as you believe in yourself, you can make it happen.

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