2022’s Strange and Extreme Instagram Accounts to Follow

Rey Rey Rodriguez 

Visual artist Rey Rey Rodriguez is a strange one. His Instagram page is full of his unorthodox collection of photoshoots. Celebrity models, activists, politicians, UFC fighters, WWE wrestlers, public figures of all kinds, intertwined with an assortment of horror photography and videos, beautiful women in fetish poses and outfits, mansions and million dollar homes, and much more. Rodriguez also indulges into his vain side by posing in a combination of dark costumes, special effects makeup, and in photoshopped-humorous graphics.  This artist seems to have compartmentalized passions, being known within different communities as a talent of those specific arts. Whether Rey Rey Rodriguez enjoys creating fine art of all genres, or whether his personalities guide his mind and hands when creating art, we may never know.

To know more about Rey Rey Rodriguez you can visit his Website or Instagram

McDojo Life 

The definition of “McDojo” is a martial or arts academy or school that is in business to make money instead of teaching martial arts the art of fighting. Rob Ingram, the founder of the McDojoLife account shows everyone how many fake martial artists, martial art masters, and gurus are out there gaining fame and making money with their McDojo schools. As sad as it is to know that the charlatans on these videos are supposedly teaching secret or ancient advanced techniques to loyal-paying victims, these video are hilarious and fun to watch. Wannabe masters of the deadly arts that can kill you with one touch, that can flip you over with their mind, or can put you to sleep with a stare, can all be found here. McDojoLife currently working on a Documentary about their brand called (you guessed it), “McDojoLife Documentary.” Follow them to see all the shady action.

To know more about McDojo Life you can visit his Instagram.

Nature is Metal 

There are many documentaries showing how animal kingdom has many fuzzy and cuddly looking species that are caught doing little cute things. That’s not what you’ll find here! The bio on Nature is Metal’s page, just has one quote, “Life Eats Meat,” nothing more.  And that is exactly what you’ll find throughout this Instagram account. Photos and videos from all over the world, showing us all how brutal nature is. Animals, insects, wildlife… any and every kind of non-human living thing is found here being attacked, hurt, or killed by predators. Nothing is censored, blurred, blocked, or hidden. The full act is either caught on camera, or the aftermath.  This account is not for the faint of heart, those have weak stomachs, and not for those that can’t handle nature doing what it’s always done. What you’ll find here is nature at it’s hungriest, most protective, and being metal!

To know more about Nature is Metal you can visit it on Instagram.

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