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Lucia Matuonto

The Healthspring Code

The key to living longer is not a secret! The answer lies in the eating habits of the populations of certain countries. For years people have been wondering why particular countries produce more centenarians. Nations seen as having

“Carpooling with The RV”

This October, The Relatable Voice (The RV) is starting a new weekly series airing on Saturdays called “Carpooling with The RV”. Every week on Carpooling with the RV, the episode will be dedicated to one specific and relatable topic:

Driving in the Rain…

Addiction, recovery, and the forces that drive them make for some of literature’s most compelling reading. Those of us who seek others’ reflections on the often horrific path toward death or redemption have a treasure trove to visit

The Relatable Voice

HOW "THE RELATABLE VOICE" BRINGS A COMMUNITY TOGETHER?Sometimes all it takes for the right message to reach a community is the right collaboration between those who want to reach it.  Recently, The Relatable Voice has been just that