Kaylon Bruner Tran

Time Intertwined

Mikayla Abiola’s life is a lie. A DNA analysis reveals a family secret that was never meant to be told and sets into motion a series of events that will impact multiple lives on two continents. Intertwined with Mikayla’s journey to find her past is the story of Anh Lin Pham. Anh was born at the start of the American War in Vietnam and orphaned at a young age. After an early life beset by tragedies, she found her calling helping others. Anh’s tumultuous life, inextricably linked to Mikayla’s, reveals the human cost of the Vietnam War—from the emotional scars left on both soldiers and civilians, to the orphans left behind, and the devastating legacy of Agent Orange.

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Lucia Matuonto

Lucia Matuonto is a published children’s book author, physiotherapist, Creative Director and has just added two more projects to her name. She is the host of the new interview program on called “UNCUT with Lucia”, and is also the host of her new podcast, “The Relatable Voice”.

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