How can smart shopping save you thousands every month?

Ten simple rules/tips for smart shopping equals saving


Shopping is one such practice which is responsible for a maximum of our financial draining. Either we purchase things we need or the things we want or desire, if not balanced it can be maddening as far as your finances are concerned. The way we shop is driven by sub-conscious and some by trust and habit. Now smart shopping lies in the tactics how well to keep up the driving factors yet end with shopping not pinching your pocket and also fulfilling your needs and wants. As one is aware that a similar product or service sometimes is available at varying prices in varying retailers and even sometimes cheaper alternatives, how smartly you make a move is where you can end up saving some bucks.

Now let’s look into how to shop smart which can help is saving thousands every month. Here are few rules and tips:

Ten simple rules/tips for smart shopping equals saving:

1. Beware-Impulsive nature!! Being impulsive while shopping is the greatest evil of your finances and can really turn them wary. People end up spending thousands of bucks on things they have not planned on buying. Stick to your planned list of items be it large or small and keep your wallet with the minimum required balance to avoid being impulsive.

2. Adopt traditional tactics: Sometimes becoming traditional and adopting what our mothers do can help to shop as well as save. Be it buying in bulk, growing your kitchen garden, bargaining to selling or reselling of used products are few named practices to follow for saving up few bucks while shopping.

3. Freebie is a trap!! Always stay away from the temptation of purchasing products because of its free gifts because you will surely end up buying it at a higher price.

4. If online-reply on searches: While shopping online, make optimum use of your search toolbar. Type the product you are looking for in the search toolbar rather than browsing into the categories in order to avoid impulsive purchases. Yet another smart form of shopping while doing it online to save some bucks.

5. Occasional splurging: One cannot always lead their life of rules, sometimes breaking few would help to keep up your emotional quotient. It stands true while shopping as well, indulge in your needs as per your budget to avoid ending up overspending

6. The comparison is the best strategy: Always compare the same products from different retailers or different online portals to grab the best available price.

7. Discounts and coupons- Never miss out!! Always keep a keen eye for available discounts and coupon while making a purchase of any kind. Deals can certainly help you save up in your shopping experience.

8. Credit card tips: Ensure to follow these two golden rules while dealing with plastics –
• Make sure to pay your credit bills by the due date.
• Chose cash/debit card over credit card while shopping

9. Food spending culture: You would not realize how much small changes such as opt for home cooked lunch over purchasing while choosing to make a cup of coffee overbuying can help in save thousands every month.

10. Do not be a snob shopper: The worse shopping attitude is to be snob while surely end up costing you a lot. Remember no one will care about the brand or value of the store you are making your purchases.

Always do smart shopping to add up your savings!

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