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Liam Jenkins – Dylan Mc Finn

Dylan McFinn is an ordinary twelve-year-old with a keen nose for adventure. He lives deep under the Pacific Ocean with his sea captain father and Lapatian mother (or more commonly known: a mermaid) in the ancient sunken fishing village

Pat Backley – Daisy

"A perfect weekend or holiday read" Sit back, relax and escape for a little while into the world of DAISY. "DAISY" is a gentle family saga, spanning almost 100 years, from 1887 to 1974. It is set in Alabama, Harlem and London and

Unexpected Moments

Unexpected Moments shares the trials and tribulations that Daisy Paige had to endure to make her into the person that she became. In her journey she had to go over speed bumps, jump over hurdles, cross broken bridges, and climb many rocky

The Journal Journey

A deep dive into cultivating and discovering how you think through the practice of journaling. Bringing what is constant and subconscious into your consciousness. These exercises and prompts will help you develop your creativity, personal